Full Protection

Gate2Payments believe all merchants need a partner that can protect them from cyber fraud. We are aware of that not all businesses operate the same way, so we make sure the fraud prevention methods reflect this. Our technology gives the merchant wide set of tools making them able to customize their fraud setup meeting their exact requirements. This prevents the merchant from rejecting a safe transaction but also making it capable of spotting a potentially fraudulent transaction, screening it and even blocking it. The fraud management system is easily configured in our business rules and risk settings. We provide merchants with several test possibilities to ensure maximum flow and conversion, while keeping them safe from fraud.

3D Secure

Gate2Payments 3D secure MPI adds a third security tool that is activated by a few clicks in the antifraud setup. This option will be integrated into the merchant’s checkout process preventing fraud. The 3D Secure has a Dynamic 3D solution making providing merchants with a chance to customizing the Risk/ Fraud management to meet exact requirements of the merchant.

Active Payment Method Selection

This tool allows Gate2Payments to offer the shopper specific payment methods dependent on customers’ geographic location, last payment method used, risk profile and many more. That means that your checkout page is intelligent enough to offer your customers the best local payment methods available, which results in maximum conversions.

Device Fingerprinting

Gate2Payments is offering the merchant the possibility to work with only one API. When a shopper’s transaction is being processed, our device fingering software creates a token. Gate2Payments can recognise the device the payment is made on and offer a relevant payment page to fit that device.

Speed Checks

This tool is looking at the overall picture of a shopper’s account/behaviour. It is monitoring IP and email addresses, transactions per account, transactions per entity, transaction amount and registration amount in extra protection for your business. It is also possible to add your own velocity checks in the risk management engine.

Global Negative and Positive Lists

As a merchant partner you have the ability to screen and categorize potentially harmful users and good users by utilizing the global lists within the fraud management tool. Using the lists you can either block or prevent users who have committed a fraudulent transaction/chargeback in real time. We can determine a user from IP location, BIN range, email address, country, telephone number and many more. As well as blocking merchants you can also add users to a global positive list to make sure that they aren’t screened for extra speed and due diligence checks.


Geo IP Location

We are using Geo IP location to verify the shopper’s IP device in real time. We are able to combine BIN range, BIN country and billing address  and benefit from extremely effective data mining checks.

Gate2Payments’s system and security engineers are working 24/7. They react instantly to any service or payment security disruption. Besides that, Gate2Payments partners with many external agencies to ensure ongoing website monitoring and that anti-fraud procedures remain in place.