Adapting to the Market

In Gate2Payments we know that online market is constantly changing, so we strive to adapt to it and offer merchants the possibility to meet the requirements of the shopper.

Payment nowadays can be performed via a variety of devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Therefore, having a platform that supports all of these technologies, creates consistency and a beautiful uniform look, is critical for the merchant. This means that our technology adapts to all devices and makes online payments much easier.

Great Design, Robust Technology

Adapting to different devices might cause frustration and possibility of lost sales. In Gate2Payments we work on quick and smooth adaptation, so customers find it easy to use. With us you can have professionally designed platform making the shopper to return to make more purchases the future.

The customer will still have four options to go through, but its easy and transparent:

  • Card selection
  • Card details
  • Order confirmation
  • Authorization

Our Risk / Fraud toolbox will still be available to apply the settings that you as a merchant has chosen, with the supervision / monitoring provided by Gate2Payments.