Loyalty Solutions

At Gate2Payments we believe that being able to offer customers gift and loyalty solutions is a very important factor when winning business. We have solutions to offer both physical and virtual prepaid Visa and MasterCard’s. Cards can be branded to merchant’s specifications including logos, colors and fonts.

Our Platform Offers:

  • Multiple loading channels including cash at merchant terminals, voucher, bank transfer, debit/credit card and SMS
  • Cardholders can load their card by SMS, IVR, online, or via the phone with a customer service agent
  • SMS notifications for loading and spending activity on a card, if required
  • Online applications and bulk card creation
  • Card activation through a number of channels including Internet, SMS, IVR and retail terminals
  • Online card management portal for all cardholders
  • Full history of transactions
  • Check balance by IVR, SMS, Internet or ATM


Available in multiple currencies and languages, offering your customers a prepaid card for refunds will delight them as they can also benefit from continual use of the card.

For further information on prepaid cards please contact us on sales@gate2payments.com