Single Online Payment Platform

Gate2Payments if offering a payments service providing platform, which will induce speed and security by reducing complexity and bringing transparency to the field of online payments.We are providing state-of-the-art technology making it extremely simple to integrate and handle payment methods.

We provide automated administration and exclusive reporting capabilities all in a user-friendly setup. Simply, all you need is a single integration into our online payment platform to handle all your aspects of payments.

All-In-One Simple Payments Solution

Read all about the Gate2Payments solutions platform:

Card Payments

A broad variety of payment solutions

Accepting Card Payments

Accepting card payments is vital when trading online, and it is the most common way for an online/offline shoppers to buy goods and services. This trend is always increasing globally as new markets open and business can trade without borders. As a registered Member of Visa and MasterCard, Gate2Payments offers our merchants ability to process card payments securely from their customers. We are assisting your business 24/7 365, global, while feeling local to your customers!

Gate2Payments is a PCI Level 1 Certified Payment Service Provider (PSP) . Gate2Payments has fully certified to the highest levels of protection and security for our merchants. All card data is secured to the highest possible standards.

Global Coverage

Gate2Payments is connected to more than 220 payment solutions globally, over 50 financial institutions globally, and a wide range of alternative payment methods in 161 countries. You only need to connect to one place – that’s Gate2Payments.

We have a solution for all kind of business sizes. We match your needs no matter if you are a start-up company or a large enterprise. Our pricing structure gives you many advantages for getting the right product for the best price in the industry. Read more about the pricing structure here.

Broad Variety of Payment Solutions

We enable businesses to trade globally. By utilising Gate2Payments market leading technology, your business can process all debit and credit cards as well as over 220 alternative local based methods of payment. Whether you’re a locally focused business or a global multinational, Gate2Payments is the solution that can enable global payment success. From Brazil to Belgium, firms convert more business with Gate2Payments.

When you become a Gate2Payments Merchant, we can enable you to process securely all the required currencies, card types and local payment methods that you require. When processing online, it is vital you work with a partner that can protect you across all boarders. In Gate2Payments we also adapt our fraud prevention technology to protect our merchants. Our prevailing fraud technology is customisable to merchant business rules. Besides that, we also have our unique in-house developed rules, which are specifically tested on certain industries, giving you maximum flexibility and security.

Activating the Gate2Payments fraud prevention solution when processing payments locally or cross-border can effectively reduce fraudulent transactions and potential chargebacks sales without negatively impacting conversion rates. Read more about Gate2payments fraud and risk management options.

Prepaid Cards

Loyalty Solutions

At Gate2Payments we believe that being able to offer customers gift and loyalty solutions is a very important factor for customer retention. We have solutions to offer both physical and virtual prepaid Visa and MasterCard. Cards can be branded to merchant’s specifications including logos, colors and fonts.

Our Platform Offers:

  • Multiple loading channels including cash at merchant terminals, voucher, bank transfer, debit/credit card and SMS
  • Cardholders can load their card by SMS, IVR, online or over the phone with a customer service agent
  • SMS notifications for loading and spending activity on a card if required
  • Online applications and bulk card creation
  • Card activation through a number of channels including Internet, SMS, IVR and retail terminals
  • Online card management portal for all cardholders
  • Full history of transactions
  • Check balance by IVR, SMS, Internet or ATM


We present solutions available in multiple currencies and languages. Offering your customers a prepaid card for refunds or loyalty will delight them as they can also benefit from continual use of the card.

For further information on prepaid cards please contact us on sales@gate2payments.com

Alternative Payment Methods

Explore the World of Payments

Using Gate2Payments offers the merchant the possibility to adapt to the exact payment methods available to the shoppers where the merchant is operating. It is the merchant, not the customer that needs to adopt to the payment methods available.

In Europe or the U.S., credit card could be the preferred payment method, but that is not the same case in all countries. Other examples could be that consumers in a country where online payment methods aren’t used frequently, tend to rely on other payment methods, for instance local forms of payments.

What is present and affects consumer behaviour no matter the payment method, is the mistrust and risk of fraud. At Gate2Payments we minimize this distrust by offering more than 220 alternative payment methods, meeting the customer in his or her backyard, using the payment method preferred to them.

Our expert can offer the merchant the best advices on any kind of payment mix your business should use, depending on where your business is operating. Our technology is highly advanced, yet so simple, making it possible for the merchant to add or remove different payment methods with literally just one click.

We offer COPYandPAY solution which is fully PCI DSS level 1 compliant, integrating the widget-based payment page to the payment page of the online merchant. It is adapting design that is boosting conversion rates.

All it takes from the merchant to start using COPYandPAY is just to paste two lines of code into their own script! Then COPYandPAY is ready to start processing while adapting to the CSS of the merchant’s webshop.

Mobile Payments

Accept Mobile Payments

Today mobile payments and online payments are no longer separated. It is clear that shoppers require seamless payment options. We meet the consumers’ demand for smooth payment experience across all devices, meaning we cover all possible solutions for mobile payments.

Gate2Payments offers the possibility for merchants to design their own style and look of the payment platform. This is supported by the responsive design we provide, making it simple and dynamic to use the mobile payment platform. The mobile platform will have the ability to process alternative payment methods and is completely customisable with AB testing.

Gate2Payments mobile software will also provide merchant developers with our SDKs that are used to create the possibility to build in payments options into applications made by merchants, still equally safe and PCI compliant to the highest standards.

One Click/Tap Payments

Having a customer entering their card details for a repeat sale is always going to be damaging for conversions. With Gate2Payments you can utilise card tokenization. You customers can save details in the checkout and pay with a single tap or click. With mobile payments we see a huge positive impact in conversions for merchants utilising tokenization. All of this technology is secured to the highest levels of PCI certification.

Online Payments Security

At Gate2Payments we strongly believe that technology and openness is what is needed to secure the future of online payments. We can provide your e-commerce business with a platform that ensures security for your online transactions and safe payments system. Click here to get a free quote on the payments solution for your e-commerce business.

Integration / Development

Online Payment Platform Integration

Gate2Payments offers multiple integration types including a Direct Integration for merchants who are PCI compliant and online payment platforms that are hosting payment information on their servers. You can host your own payment pages and we will process the transactions through a simple API. Our quickest payment system integration was only 16 minutes for a merchant to test and go live.

The most popular integration is our Hosted Payment Page or HPP, this integration ensures that you are completely PCI compliant as Gate2Payments will host your payment pages and payment information in our secure servers that are already fully PCI level 1 certified. As well as this we can offer tokenization of all card information at no additional costs.

Custom-Build Payments Solution

Using the Hosted Payment Page you can create your own payment page templates while we host them on your e-commerce site. We make sure that you get full customization so your payment page looks and feels how you wish it to be.
As well as the Direct and Hosted APIs we have custom built payment modules. They are integrated in some of the most popular shopping carts and back office software in e-commerce including Magento, WooCommerce, Hyrbis, Shopify and many more.

For a full list of our integrated shopping carts click here
Our integration specialists are always at hand to ensure that you have the tools you need to successfully connect to Gate2Payments. If you have any questions regarding integration please contact us, tech@gate2payments.com

API – Documentation

Business Intelligence Platform

The Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of tools, which is used to build software applications. This program is a key factor in the day-to-day basis of our company as it is used for each transaction and provides full security.

Every payment that needs to be processed by the Business Intelligence Platform goes through the API. Afterwards, the relevant data is selected in order for the client to have live access to all business transactions’ data. In other words, the API is the middleman between the programmer and the completed transaction. Few seconds after, the API confirms that the transaction has been approved.

Online Payments Control

The API system allows us to control all traffic and transactions live. Therefore, Gate2Payments has access to the most accurate data. Thanks to this, high quality service can be provided as well as full security for customers and support available at any time.

For further information about our documentation, please click here.

Card Tokenization

Full Security and Full Control


Tokenization Security

Card tokenization is a process that consists of converting very important data within a unique signature. This technology allows to converts all data that we protect into unreadable generated values. This therefore gives full security to the system and allows our software to keep the customers data locked down

Full Control

Tokenization replaces subtle payment data with token that cannot be mathematically reversed.

Tokenization is allowing all the merchants to control the storage of cardholder data and simplifying object’s valuation against the PCI DSS. As a result, this technology protects all data from A to Z, which makes it unbreakable.

Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments Service

Recurring payments are payments that are typically used in subscriptions and membership business models. At Gate2Payments we have created software allowing merchants to seamlessly process recurring payments while being totally PCI compliant.

Our solution uses tokenization to create the customer profile in the back office. The billing cycle can then be set using the payment token, on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. You can now manage this all from the merchant back office. As well as this simple way of managing your recurring payments, we can connect you to our back office or CRM solution to make sure the payment flow is seamless.

Contact Us

If you are a merchant and need further information on recurring billing solutions and services including global acquiring, CRM management and chargeback prevention, please contact us on sales@gate2payments.com

Plugins & Partners

We support and extensive list of third party shopping carts and eCommence systems. We make sure that we are always up to date with your platform, actively adding more support on a regular basis.

Responsive design

Adapting to the Market

In Gate2Payments we know that online market is constantly changing, so we strive to adapt to it and offer merchants the possibility to meet the requirements of the shopper.

Payment nowadays can be performed via a variety of devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Therefore, having a platform that supports all of these technologies, creates consistency and a beautiful uniform look, is critical for the merchant. This means that our technology adapts to all devices and makes online payments much easier.

Great Design, Robust Technology

Adapting to different devices might cause frustration and possibility of lost sales. In Gate2Payments we work on quick and smooth adaptation, so customers find it easy to use. With us you can have professionally designed platform making the shopper to return to make more purchases the future.

The customer will still have four options to go through, but its easy and transparent:

  • Card selection
  • Card details
  • Order confirmation
  • Authorization

Our Risk / Fraud toolbox will still be available to apply the settings that you as a merchant has chosen, with the supervision / monitoring provided by Gate2Payments.