Accept mobile payments

Today mobile and online payments are no longer easily separated. It is clear that the shoppers require seamless payment options. We meet the shoppers demand for smooth payments experience across all devices, meaning we are able to cover all possible solutions for mobile payments.

Gate2Payments offers the possibility for merchants to design their own style and look of the payment platform. This is supported by the responsive design we provide, making it simple and dynamic to use the mobile payment platform. The mobile platform has the ability to process alternative payment methods and is completely customisable with AB testing.

Gate2Payments mobile software also provides merchant developers with our SDKs that are used to create the possibility of build-in payment options into applications made by merchants. All this is still equally safe and PCI compliant to the highest standards.

One click/Tap Payments

Having a customer entering their card details for a repeat sale is always going to be damaging for conversions, With Gate2Payments you can utilise card tokenisation. You customers can save details in the checkout and pay with a single tap or click, for mobile payments we see a huge positive impact in conversions for merchants utilising tokenisation. All of this technology secured to the highest levels of PCI certification.