Payment worldwide

Selling worldwide can be a daunting task, we want to ensure it is as easy as possible to convert sales and clients for your business when making a payments. It’s very important to take into consideration local and cultural differences with payment infrastructures and other payment preferences.

With Gate2Payments we enable multiple payment methods globally with a single integration optimizing checkout and customer experience. Increased conversions in alternative methods of payments will drive revenue for your business.

Adapting to Local Payments

Merchants need to adapt to consumer payment preferences, not the other way around. For instance, in many countries credit cards are not the predominant or preferred method of online payment. Some consumers also perceive local forms of payment as more secure than international payment methods. Fraud is a significant concern for consumers, and many consumers prefer using local forms of payment for this reason.

Our payments experts can advise on the best payment method mix for any country, territory or region, depending on parameters such as type of business, average transaction value and desired security paramaters.
And we can support that mix with over 200 payment methods for online use. With a single connection you can accept most of these as part of your international payment pages. Click on the link for further informations on all accepted payment methods by region.