What is a Payment Gateway and How Does It Work

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What is a payment gateway?

Before going into the details of how payment gateways work, let’s clarify what it is.


Making Customers Believe in Recurring Payments Security

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Recurring payments are becoming more and more common. Not because companies are imposing them, but because customers are actually asking for it. According to MasterCard’s latest research, 47% of credit cardholders are keen on recurring payments and more than half of debit cardholders are as well. (more…)

Boost Your Visibility with Free Design Tools for Non Designers

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The visual content of your website and social media matters a lot regarding the readers engagement. It is a strong tool for attracting your readers – articles with images get 94% more views, says marketer Jeff Bullas.  According to advertising studies, adding colour visuals can increase your readership by 80%. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create less complicated visual content. There are plenty of useful design tools for non designers on the Internet that you can use to make graphics and edit pictures for free.


Fast Fashion 2016 – Opportunities and Threats

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Many strong brands are profiting nowadays from the fast fashion trend. But how long will this continue? What is the future of fast fashion? There is a strong evidence of it starting to be slowly replaced by other movements. Read the recent news inspired by Euromonitor International study of Fast Fashion 2016.


6 Tips to Boost Your Business with the Hottest E-Commerce Tools

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Having a webshop is not a rocket science. Nowadays anyone with an idea and the drive can start an online shop. The tricky part is to run a successful one. Therefore, since we do not want you to waste your talent, have a look at the following e-commerce tools and understand why they are relevant for your business.



What Is Tokenization?

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The popularity of payments by card is rising nowadays, which goes hand in hand with the rise of data theft. When customers pay by card, merchants tend to store their credit card data to enable their customers easier transactions in the future. However, credit card information can be easily stolen. To prevent that from happening, tokenization comes into the game.


E-Commerce and Its Trends in Europe

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Get an overview on what is e-commerce and what are its main features


Chatbots as E-Commerce Trend of 2017

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Having the opportunity to get in contact with your customers is an important way for your business growth. However, it is much more difficult to communicate with your customers when you are running an e-commerce business. Luckily, chatbots have been invented. They are here to simulate the experience that customers get in a retail store.


The Ultimate Guide on Cyber Monday for E-Commerce Owners – Infographic

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Cyber Monday is coming! Are you ready for it?



6 Tips for Choosing Payment Service Provider

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We have collected some tips to help you to choose the right payment service provider for your business!