Explore a world of payments

Using Gate2Payments will offer the merchant the possibility to adapt to the exact payment methods available to the shoppers where the merchant is operating. It is the merchant, not the customer, who needs to adopt to available payment methods.

In Europe or the U.S. credit card could be the preferred payment method, but that is not the same case in other countries. Other examples could be that consumers in a country where online payment methods aren’t used frequently, often tend to rely on other payment methods, for instance on local forms of payments.

What is present and affects consumer behaviour no matter the payment method is the mistrust and risk of fraud. At Gate2Payments we minimize this distrust by offering more than 220 alternative payment methods meeting the customer in his or her backyard using the payment method preferred to them.

Our expert can offer the merchant the best advises on what kind of payment mix your business should use depending on where your business is operating. Our technology is so advanced yet so simple making it possible for the merchant to add or remove different payment methods with literally just one click.

We offer COPYandPAY solution which is fully PCI DSS 3.0 compliant integrating the widget-based payment page to the payment page of the online merchant. It is adapting design boosting conversion rates.

All it takes from the merchant to start using COPYandPAY is just to paste two lines of code into their own script! Then COPYandPAY is ready to start processing while adapting to the CSS of the merchant’s web shop.